glossary of video production and video editing terms


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CGI Computer Generated Imagery. Includes a wide variety of visual effects created digitally to enhance or replace traditional imagery onscreen. Common examples include 3D computer graphics and special effects.

C-Stand A versatile, heavy-duty metal tripod with collapsable legs of varying size. Typically used with a grip head and gobo arm to hold flags, silks, gels, bounce cards, or anything else a grip might desire to clamp onto it.

Closeup (CU) A tightly framed camera shot in which the principal subject is viewed at close range, appearing large and dominant on screen. Pulled back slightly is a "medium closeup" while zoomed in very close is an "extreme closeup (ECU or XCU).

Codec Coder/Decoder or Compressor/Decompressor. A software process that describes the magical process of converting digital information into viewable video.

Composition Visual make-up of a frame or video picture, including such variables as balance, framing, field of view, lighting, texture, and all other aesthetic considerations. Combined qualities form an image that's interesting and pleasing to view.

Cut An abrupt transition between two clips where the first frame of the incoming clip immediately follows the last frame of the outgoing clip. This is the most common clip transition in film and video production. Also, a command given by the director to stop the action of a scene, instructing cast and crew to cease performing their respective duties.

Cutaway Transitional footage normally inserted between cuts containing the same subject in slightly different screen positions to avoid a 'jump cut'. See also B-Roll.

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