glossary of video production and video editing terms


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M&E Track M and E stands for Music and Effects. After a mix a big production will have an M&E track made, which is used when the film is dubbed into other languages so that all the Music and Effects do not also have to be redone. An M&E track is essential if you plan on dubbing your film into different languages.

Master Shot A single shot, usually a wide shot, that incorporates the whole scene from beginning to end. Typically a master shot will be filmed first, and then all the close-ups, cut-aways, and other shots afterwards.

Matte Box A square shade that goes in front of the lens, usually supported by a pair of rods that attach to the camera. A matte box often has filter holders for square glass filters.

Medium Shot (MS) Defines any camera perspective between long shot and closeup, viewing the subjects from a medium distance.

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