glossary of video production and video editing terms


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PAL Phase Alternating Line. This is the European and Asian equivalent to North America?ǨѢs NTSC.

Pan Horizontal camera pivot, right to left or left to right, from a stationary position.

Pedestal A camera move vertically lowering or raising the camcorder, approaching either the floor or the ceiling, while keeping the camera level.

Pixel A single picture element. The smallest element in a graphic image. Pixels are combined with other pixels to make up a graphic image. Picture quality increases as the number of pixels increase in a measured area of an image.

Point-of-View shot (POV) Shot perspective whereby the video camera assumes a subject's view, and thus viewers see what the subject sees.

Preroll Preroll is extra time at the beginning of a sound take to accommodate the slow lock-up time of some post production time code devices.

Prime Lens A prime lens is one with a single focal length, wide, normal or telephoto, as opposed to a zoom lens which has a variable focal length. They often come in a set of different focal lengths. Prime lenses tend to be sharper, faster and will often focus closer than zoom lenses.

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