glossary of video production and video editing terms


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Rack Focus Shifting focus between subjects in the background and foreground so a viewer's attention moves from subject to subject as the focus shifts.

Remote Video shoot performed on location, outside a controlled studio environment, for example at a client?ǨѢs office.

Render The processing of a series of individual clips, transitions and effects in a sequence into a playable track.

Reverse Shot A shot from the other side of the previous shot (on the same side of the 180?Ǭ? Line), such as cutting between two characters talking, a person exiting and entering though a doorway, a reaction shot, P.O.V. shot, etc.

Rule of Thirds A basic composition principle that takes the rectangular shape of the frame and divides it into thirds, vertically and horizontally. The key elements or objects in a composition should fall on one of the intersecting points of the vertical and horizontal lines.

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