glossary of video production and video editing terms


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Whip Pan Extremely rapid camera movement from left to right or right to left, appearing as an image blur. Two such pans in the same direction, edited together with one moving from, the other moving to a stationary shot can effectively convey the passage of time or a change of location. Also known as a Swish Pan.

Wide Lens A lens with a focal length smaller than 25mm in 16mm, or 50mm in 35mm, which, like looking into the wrong end of a pair of binoculars, provides an extended view of a large area.

Wild Sound Non-sync sound, recorded without the camera running, usually recorded to supplement or replace sync takes.

White Balance Adjusting a camera?「どィび「s light filtering system to ensure that the camera accurately records true colors. Different lighting conditions affect how cameras interpret and record color.

Wrap What to say when you are done shooting, either for the day, at that particular set, or on the entire film. Usually if it?「どィび「s not the final shoot you would say you are just going to ?「どィ?wrap for the day.?「どィャ

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